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dittography (di-TOG-ruh-fee) noun

The inadvertent repetition of letters, words, or phrases in in writing.

[From Greek ditto (double) + -graphy (writing).]

"As a calligraphy teacher, I find the word haplography useful. When concentrating on producing good letter forms it is easy to make mistakes such as writing `rember' instead of `remember'. Its opposite is dittography: the writing twice of what should have been written once, such as `critics' becoming `crititics'." Susan Moor, Notes & Queries, The Guardian (London), Apr 23, 1997.

This week's theme: words about words.


To feed men and not to love them is to treat them as if they were barnyard cattle. To love them and not respect them is to treat them as if they were household pets. -Mencius, philosopher (c. 380-289 BCE)

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