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areology (ar-ee-OL-uh-jee) noun

The study of the planet Mars.

[From areo- (Mars), from Greek Areaos, from Ares (The Greek equivalent of Mars in classical mythology) + logy (study).]

"There is also (to my tastes) far too much technical discussion of terraforming and areology, particularly in the first half of the book." Evelyn C. Leeper; Book Review (Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson); Cyberspace Vanguard; Mar 31, 1994.

Did you get to say hello while our planetary neighbor Mars stopped by for a little tête-à-tête with the earth recently? We enjoyed the closer view of the red planet from our backyard and afterward had a minor earthly adventure. We had locked ourselves out. After some brainstorming, we formed a human totem pole so that our six-year-old daughter at the top could scramble through an open second-story window and unlock the front door for her parents.

When you view life on a cosmic scale, all the fights about a few feet of earth or a few pieces of printed paper begin to look ridiculous. Imagine a world where all of us can look through a telescope instead of looking at a TV! I can't think of a better reality show to gaze at.

This week we look at words related to our solar system.



People change and forget to tell each other. -Lillian Hellman, playwright (1905-1984)

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