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Sep 20, 2001
This week's theme
Latin terms used in English

This week's words
quid pro quo
rara avis
sine die
annus mirabilis
sub rosa

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with Anu Garg

annus mirabilis

(AN-uhs mi-RAB-uh-lis) Pronunciation
plural anni mirabiles (AN-i mi-RAB-uh-leez)

noun: A remarkable year.

[From Latin annus (year) mirabilis (wondrous).]

"We suppose it's anti-climactic that consumer sentiment sank like a stone to a two-year low, and Xmas sales were not very cheery. So, all in all, sigh, Y2K wasn't exactly an annus mirabilis."
Alan Abelson; Up & Down Wall Street: Unfond Farewell; Barron's (Chicopee, Massachusetts); Jan 1, 2001.


You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again. -Bonnie Prudden, fitness trainer and author (1914-2011)

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