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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you make Pangram Finder search for pangrams in another language?

We are always looking to add new languages. Please get in touch with us at (words at wordsmith.org)

How can I help?

There are some ways:

1. Find pangrams from works of literature (see Project Gutenberg for full-text books) that are shorter than the shortest we have so far (see Pangrams Found). Email them to (words at wordsmith.org).

2. Send us pangrams you find in the wild: on a road sign, in an ad, on a restaurant menu, in an office memo, and so on. Be sure to take pictures.

3. We also welcome anything related to pangrams: artwork, cartoons, puzzles, jokes, etc.

4. If you are an author, see if you can add a short (naturally occurring) pangram in your writing. Here's a tool that comes handy in creating manual pangrams.

5. Spread the word to get everyone catch pangramania. Mention it on Facebook, in blogs, etc. You are welcome to make a link to us.

6. This is a free service. You can contribute financially to help us continue.

How did you come up with the idea of Pangram Finder?

While there are many made-up pangrams, Anu Garg was curious what pangrams occur naturally. So he created the Pangram Finder to mine pangrams in any text.

Have a question not answered here? Write to us at (words at wordsmith.org).