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Top 25 Companies

Here are the top 25 companies based on the number of subscribers from a company's domain.
Note that it doesn't show the exact number of subscribers (which is higher) for each company as many people use a webmail address such as gmail.com.
Also check out top universities and stats by top-level domains.

Domain Count Description
tcs.com 201 Tata Consultancy Services
ibm.com 141 IBM Corporation
accenture.com 131 Accenture
infosys.com 111 Infosys Limited
boeing.com 105 The Boeing Company
ril.com 100 Reliance Industries Limited
wipro.com 93 Wipro Infotech Ltd.
cognizant.com 91 Cognizant
oracle.com 81 Oracle Corporation
att.com 80 AT&T
wellsfargo.com 74 Wells Fargo
deloitte.com 71 Deloitte
honeywell.com 69 Honeywell, Inc.
siemens.com 69 Siemens Research and Technology Laboratories
ey.com 61 Ernst & Young LLP
lmco.com 59 Lockheed-Martin Corporation
cisco.com 56 Cisco Systems
microsoft.com 54 Microsoft Corporation
dell.com 54 Dell Computer Corporation
ge.com 53 General Electric Company
bosch.com 51 Bosch
intel.com 50 Intel Corporation
db.com 48 Deutsche Bank
adp.com 46 Automatic Data Processing
pfizer.com 45 Pfizer Inc

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