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A pangram is a sentence that uses all letters of the alphabet. So if you are thinking about finding anagrams of all letters from A to Z, what you are looking for is a pangram that is 26 letter long. Here are a few:

The word 'anagram' in various languages

Anagrama = Amar gana (Love wins)

Anagramm = Am ragman





An anigram is anagram which animates to show itself at work. An example of anigram is at the home page of this site which shows how letters of the phrase "Internet Anagram Server" rearrange themselves to make "I, Rearrangement Servant". Make your own anigrams.


An anugram is a true anagram. e.g.

Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one

uno + catorce = cuatro + once (Spanish: 1 + 14 = 4 + 11)
dos + trece = tres + doce (Spanish: 2 + 13 = 3 + 12)
(by Lee Sallows, published in Word Ways, Feb 1992)

All anugrams are anagrams but not all anagrams are anugrams.

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