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toothsome (TOOTH-suhm) adjective

1. Delicious.

2. Agreeable; pleasant.

3. Sexually attractive.

[From tooth + -some. A related word is handsome, from hand + -some, literally easy to handle or manipulate.]

"You recognize Heichinro, Chinatown's oldest restaurant, serving toothsome Cantonese cuisine since 1887 and credited with creating sanma men, noodles in a thick sauce topped with sauted vegetables." Burritt Sabin; New Subway Signals Start of a New Era; The Japan Times (Tokyo); Feb 13, 2004.

"On the one hand the band - based around the songwriting partnership of toothsome 23-year-old singer Jill Jackson and 26-year-old drummer Jim Duguid - look and sound a lot like a rock band." Rock Genie's Bottle of Pop; Scotland on Sunday (Edinburgh); Feb 29, 2004.

This week's theme: words for body parts used figuratively.


Those who wish to sing always find a song. -Swedish proverb

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