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chinwag (CHIN-wag) noun

Chat, gossip.

verb intr.

To chat or gossip.

[Chin + wag.]

"While the other stars were busy in their vans with make-up, scripts or waiting for their mobiles to go beep-beep, she (Lara Dutta) would have a heart-to-heart chinwag with them (crew members)." Madhureeta Mukherjee; Lara Makes 'Masti' Crew Cry!; The Times of India (New Delhi); Feb 25, 2004.

"Jolyon Wagg: I'll send you a policy... No, better still, I'll bring it myself. That'll give us a chance to have another chinwag together." Herge; The Calculus Affair; Little Brown & Company; 1997.

This week's theme: words for body parts used figuratively.


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