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meander (mee-AN-duhr) verb intr.

1. To follow a winding and turning course.

2. To move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction.


1. meanders. Circuitous windings or sinuosities, as of a stream or path.

2. Often meanders. A circuitous journey or excursion; ramble.

3. The Greek fret or key pattern, used in art and architecture.

[From Latin maeander, circuitous windings, from Greek maiandros after the Maeander River in Phrygia.]

"The sun sets on some retired meadow, where no house is visible, with all the glory and splendor that it lavishes on cities, and perchance as it has never set before, - where there is but a solitary marsh-hawk to have his wings gilded by it, or only a musquash looks out from his cabin, and there is some little black-veined brook in the midst of the marsh, just beginning to meander, winding slowly round a decaying stump." Thoreau, Henry David, Walking: Part II.

This week's theme: toponyms or words derived from place names.


The quiet and solitary man apprehends the inscrutable. He seeks nothing, holds to the mean, and remains free from entanglements. -I Ching (B.C. 1150?)

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