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Dec 31, 2003
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jeune premier

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with Anu Garg

jeune premier

(zhoen pruh-MYAY) Pronunciation

noun: The role of a young hero; also an actor who plays such a part.

[From French, literally first young man. Jeune premiere is the feminine equivalent of the term.]

"'Definitely, it was a risk,' the actor (Vincent Perez) said, 'but that's the only way to grow, to make the work personal, and that's what I've always been looking for. The trouble is, when you start as a jeune premier, they put you in a little box and want you to stay there.'"
Joan Dupont; The New Look of Vincent Perez; International Herald Tribune (France); May 16, 1998.

"He (Vietnamese artist Tran Trung Tin) began as a successful jeune premier actor, but was sufficiently upset by the war and its side effects, in a human rather than a political way, that he was impelled to start putting his distress down in images on paper."
John Russell Taylor; Making a Quieter Splash; The Times (London, UK); Jun 19, 2002.


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