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cinematheque (sin-uh-muh-TEK) noun

A small theater showing experimental, artistic, or classic films.

[From French cinémathèque (film archive), from cinéma + bibliothèque (library).]

"Shlomo Vazana and Moshe Karif choose to meet The Economist in the cafe of Jerusalem's cinematheque, which has Hollywood posters on the walls and offers a magnificent view of the Old City."
Rough Guide to a Fractious Society: A Nation of Tribes, The Economist (London, UK); 25 Apr 1998.

"Increasingly, nonprofit cinematheques or ongoing film series are an important part of a city's cultural amenities."
Steven Rosen; Lights! Camera! Action! Film Series Trend Struggles in Denver; Denver Post (Colorado); Jul 2, 2000.

This week's theme: words related to movies.


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