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Croesus (KREE-suhs) noun

A very wealthy man.

[After Croesus, last king of Lydia (560-546 BC) whose kingdom, which had prospered during his reign, fell to the Persians under Cyrus.]

"There is no reliable figure for the amount of money amassed by Andrew (Mellon), the descendant of Irish immigrants, but certainly it was many millions of dollars, equivalent to billions today. He was a Croesus whose golden touch gave him a grip on much of American industry, including power, mining, civil engineering and insurance." Paul Mellon, The Economist, 20 Feb 1999.

An intriguing yardstick of wealth is how much money it would be worth one's time to stop and pick up from the street. According to the Bill Gates Wealth Index ( https://www.templetons.com/brad/billg.html ) it is $10,000 for Gates. In other words, he makes much more than ten grand in the few moments it would take for him to bend over and pick up that money from the road. I wonder when we are going to get Gates as a new eponym in the dictionaries. In the meanwhile we will do with Croesus. Just in case you are curious, Croesus made his fortune in mining and in sifting gold through the waters of the Pactolus river where King Midas (of Midas touch fame) washed away his scourge--there was no Windows(tm) at that time. (Don't you think the Lydians were blessed?) -Anu


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