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agnostic (ag-NOS-tik) noun

One who believes that there can be no proof of the existence of God but does not deny the possibility that God exists.


1. Relating to or being an agnostic.

2. Noncommittal.

[A- + gnostic, Late Latin Gnosticus, a Gnostic, from Late Greek Gnostikos, from Greek gnostikos, concerning knowledge, from gnosis, knowledge.]

"Rather, the scouts have actively sought to keep out of their ranks atheists and others uncomfortable with such oaths. In 1991, two agnostic scouts were booted out for having silently mouthed the words about God." Tolerance is a Virtue, Too, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 31 Jan 1998.

"Jobs may advocate building Intel-based Macs. It's rumored that he has already approached Advanced Micro Devices to discuss using its Intel-compatible processors (which some might view as heresy). Jobs is hardware agnostic." Mello, Adrian, Steve Jobs' second dynasty, Macworld, 1 Oct 1997.

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