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#84204 - 10/22/02 12:19 PM henotic
wwh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I might be able to invent a word, which when decapitated would leave "henotic", but I
am feeling lazy. So here's a quote:
"Today we like to view Ibsen in the light of the atheism and social realism that
emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century - associated as it was
with a positivistic belief in progress and Nietzsche´s pronouncement that
"God is dead".

Egil A. Wyller, however, sees Ibsen in the context of the great henotic
spiritual tradition of Western cultural life, and as being closely associated
with the Norwegian author Henrik Wergeland and the Danish philosopher
Sřren Kierkegaard; both living in the first part of the nineteenth century.

adj. - promoting harmony or peace, unifying

#84205 - 10/22/02 12:43 PM Re: henotic
Wordwind Offline
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In reply to:

adj. - promoting harmony or peace, unifying

Unifying? That doesn't seem to be beheading at all. It seems more to be re-engaging the head. What is the opposite of beheading? Attacheading?

#84206 - 10/22/02 12:56 PM Re: henotic
wwh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Dear WW: I said I was not beheading the word. I'm just trying to make some use of this
very little used forum. Here's another:

AUDIO: mn-fâr-s KEY
Of all kinds: omnifarious knowledge.
From Latin omnifriam, on every side : omni-, omni- +
-friam, adv. suff.; see dh- in Appendix I.
omni·fari·ous·ly —ADVERB
omni·fari·ous·ness —NOUN

A epetition of my fondness for nefarious posting.

#84207 - 10/22/02 01:51 PM Re: henotic
Faldage Online   sleepy
Carpal Tunnel

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invent a word, which when decapitated would leave "henotic

Phenotic sounds like it should be a word. tsuwm?


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