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#3798 - 06/30/00 07:20 PM Re: word for "significant other"
Bridget Offline

Registered: 06/27/00
Posts: 444
Loc: Sydney Australia
>>How about "loved one"? <<

That's near enough the literal translation of the mainland Chinese term for 'spouse' - loved person.
Unfortunately in Taiwan (at least ten years ago it was the case) the same word means 'lover' in the carnal sense.

The English word 'lover' seems equally slippery in meaning.

Personally, I use partner in day-to-day speech. A large number of people assume this means I am lesbian. (Just as a large number of people assume that because I use Ms I must be divorced!)

WHen I think I can get away with it (when Steve's not there!) I have been known to refer to him as my 'not so good quarter'.

#3799 - 07/03/00 04:32 AM Re: word for "significant other"
Leone Offline

Registered: 07/03/00
Posts: 1
Loc: Cape Town, South Africa
What about "TOCT" (The one committed to) - or something along those lines. Doesn't sound so romantic does it!!

#3800 - 07/03/00 06:37 AM Re: word for "significant other"
wsieber Offline
old hand

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 1027
Loc: Switzerland
The issue is a real one, also in the German language/culture, as I experienced over the last 22 years. I ended up using the first name of the "lady" concerned. Hardly anybody asks for further explanations...

#3801 - 07/03/00 10:37 AM Re: word for "significant other"
katie mulchwoman Offline

Registered: 06/29/00
Posts: 5
Loc: The upper left hand corner of ...
Thank you for the welcome Jackie.
It seems that I am looking for a word with a certain "flavor", if you will. Husband/wife signifies a strong commitment, hopefully love and a legal tie. (Atleast these words signify that to me, others may disagree based on their own life experiences.) I seek a word that signifies committed bond and love without sounding business like as in "partner", formal as "consort", or transitory as in boy/girlfriend. "My beloved" is too personal in everyday conversation although perhaps in this day it wouldn't hurt to bring a bit of personal softness into the circles of our everyday lives. With no really appropriate word pinpointed, I have used his name. Yes, it does seem that folks work out the details themselves. Perhaps that is because there is a certain inflection in my voice, a look on my face or a feeling that I project when I say it. Perhaps I am searching for something that doesn't exist. Although I hope not. (By the way, his term for me which I find very endearing is "my sweetie.)

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