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#113691 - 10/14/03 09:08 PM diverticulosis v. diverticulitis
Wordwind Offline
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Just something to think about.

#113692 - 10/14/03 10:38 PM Re: diverticulosis v. diverticulitis
of troy Offline
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one is a chronic conditions (really a seceptability), the other is an acute attack.

attentions to the chronic condition, (avoiding seeds, etc) tend to reduce the likelyhood of the acute version.

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#113693 - 10/15/03 09:58 PM Re: diverticulosis v. diverticulitis
maahey Offline

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One small additional note, of troy and WW. The -osis refers to the condition itself, in this case diverticula. Whilst the -itis refers to inflammation *in or of the diverticula. Inflammation could be both acute and chronic.

#113694 - 10/16/03 08:55 AM Re: diverticulosis v. diverticulitis
wwh Offline
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The wall of the intestine has three layers. The middle layer is the only one with much strength. Where there is a defect in the middle layer, the small amount of pressure of the intestinal contents can cause an outpouching of the wall, a diverticulum. There may be a number of them, with no symptoms. That's diverticulosis. But indigestible fiber, for instance, may lodge in a diverticulum, and cause inflammation, sometimes very troublesome. That's diverticulitis.

#113695 - 10/16/03 08:17 PM Re: diverticulosis v. diverticulitis
wofahulicodoc Offline
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Diverticulosis, having a bunch of them, is generally bland. Annoying sometimes, but not dangerous. Occasionally they cause a problem by bleeding.

Diverticulitis (as has been stated) is an inflammation, with fever, pain, occasionally even perforation and peritonitis, and can be quite serious indeed.


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