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Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: Art Deco architecture by A C Bowden @ Yesterday at 07:05 PM

Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: some folks are just hard to convince... by wofahulicodoc @ Yesterday at 03:15 PM

LISSOM pr LISSIOME PRONUNCIATION: (LIS-uhm) MEANING: adjective: Agile; graceful. ETYMOLOGY: Alteration of lithesome, from Old English lithe (flexible, mild) + -some (having a particular quality). Earliest documented use: 1800. ___________
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: AND THEIR OFF! by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/23/15 11:59 PM

SUM BEACH! Always missing something! I shoulda gone with hunting dogs chasing an electric coon. All local entries and two owners named Bubba. Have to call um Big Bubba and Little Bubba to avoid confusion. Coming to you over AM radio that can reach a
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Have you ever... by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/23/15 10:39 PM

Have you ever noticed that wives who carry a few extra pounds always live longer than the husbands who mention it... This girl, a wacked-out vegetarian, swore up and down she knew me. Nope... Never seen herbivore.
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Jump to new posts Re: Tips for Newcomers by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 10:18 PM

Originally Posted By: LukeJavan8As a newcomer, who has not participated in l77,000 of your conversations, some of this really is frustrating. You may know what you are talking about, but a newcomer does not. Do you think "hints' for newcomers' could
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Jump to new posts Re: Theme Based Lists by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 09:24 PM

Originally Posted By: LukeJavan8----please, draw me a sheep---- Welp...Got three ways: Side-way or front-way or the perverted-way. Got curious about that one time and googled it. HOLY CRAP-A-TOLIE! There's a website and it ain't free. Freakazoids
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Jump to new posts Re: Happy by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 08:57 PM

Originally Posted By: winwalkI live near there. You and the ZZ-Top-looking dude wearing a tux and hat. So what does close mean...? Horseshoe close? Nuclear weapon close? Hell! I'm close. Wake up from a six-hour nap...POOF! In the land of loonies
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Jump to new posts Re: Hello by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 08:37 PM

Originally Posted By: BazrHello Taher and everyone else as well, Looking forward to some very in depth discussion on word matters. Greetings from Cowboy Monkey. I'll be in the shallow end of the pool. You can't miss me...kinda short, pretty hairy
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Jump to new posts Re: Sanctity of Books by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 08:20 PM

Originally Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu heh formerly known as etaoin... And Buckwheat say, "OOOOOOH TAY!"
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Jump to new posts Re: Spam---a lot by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 07:56 PM

Originally Posted By: LukeJavan8Now you have to do it again today. I swear I'd never buy cheap oakley sunglasses no matter how cheap. Oakley: Not cheap. But Oakies: Big time cheaper than cheap! I use to sell Oakies, mostly at flea markets, but that
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: hogwash® rules(?) redux by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 06:23 PM

National Public Radio plays this game. A word is given to a panel of three. Two deffs are daffy, and one the Real McCoy. The contestants gotta pick. It would be funny, Paula Poundstone is on the panel, but like frigging clock-work on meth: politics
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: we need a new word for... by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 04:34 PM

I stood frozen with fear, opposite a paranoid schizophrenic (?), on a one-acre island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. His medication ran out fifteen hours ago...He's three-times my size...I can't swim...
Jump to new posts Wordsmith by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 04:18 PM

Top definition on Urban Dictionary by Muggus on December 12, 2003 Wordsmith: "One with the ability to effortlessly string together words, no matter their actual meaning, in an instance and in such a way it brings a smile to the faces of those l
Words from medicine
Jump to new posts Everyday is a Miracle by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/21/15 03:37 PM

“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” —W. L. Watkinson You cannot reply when the nurse asks if a private room is preferred. She understands your silence. Twenty minutes ago, you brought your son to the ER, so certain:
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: Can "State Change" used for motion change? by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/20/15 12:10 AM

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Lookie here...Get that Dapper Dan wiped outa your eyes and type another try without jux-a-posing all over the place. Make it a bit simpler for a simple man to cipher.
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: Are all the bold words fine in the sentence? by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/19/15 11:57 PM

LUKEJAVAN-8 Wrote: cat's pajamas?? had to look that one up: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cat%27s_pajamas sort of like the eel's ankle. _________________________ ----please, draw me a sheep---- Eels ain't got no ankles, less of course you wanna co
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: intelligence vs intellect by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/19/15 11:11 PM

Oops! Swung and missed! Intelligence can help an intellect from getting beat up.
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: Hello from me by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/19/15 10:55 PM

Howdy Do Stranger! I'm a stranger too... A stranger than strange stranger... Muah...Muahaha...MUAHAHAHAHAHA-HEY! You got any stories...? The spookier the better. You tell me one and I'll tell you about this freakazoid redneck who lived deep in the b
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: hogwash by hogmaster @ 04/19/15 02:16 PM

for anyone who wonders why all the foofaraw, and 2(two!) pinned topics, regarding hogwash™, I bring this post back from the dead.
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: A word for by LukeJavan8 @ 04/19/15 12:05 PM

Profiling? They do not have to be performed publicly.
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: Is there a word for this? by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/18/15 11:50 PM

You suffer from the Bamboozle-Conundrum-Trichotomy. A pain inflicted by businesses with deep pockets. Commonly referred to as Conboozomy in the legal world. Better call Saul before you hurt someone. Not saying it can't be done, just much tougher to
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: "Moving the needle" Origin, meaning and usage? by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/18/15 10:59 PM

Pegging the gauge. Pegged out. Maximum measurement...and then some. For example... When my geiger counter started screaming and the needle pegged out on all settings, past time to run like the wind out of this radioactive hell hole. Or it might ref
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts and was gleeful about it, no less by wofahulicodoc @ 04/18/15 10:12 PM

SCHOLAR - SERENE I once knew a Ten-o'Clock Scholar Who was never hot under the collar We all thought him serene Till a thinking machine Took his job, with a hood and a holler! SANDPAPER - SCRAP
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: mother of all? by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/18/15 08:45 PM

The creator of course. And look where this has led...MOAB. Mother of all bombs. Alpha-Omega. BYOB to the apocalypse.
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Not cured, collect $200. Five times. by wofahulicodoc @ 04/18/15 08:40 PM

Ooh, like that one.
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