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Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: When George Raveling .. by endymion6 @ 3 minutes 44 seconds ago

RAVELLING L ---- > T ..played at St Michael's School for Boys in PA, he was never called for TRAVELING ..tho' he took significant steps later (E.G.,coaching b-ball at USC)
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: Choice of connection by A C Bowden @ Today at 08:25 AM

INSULATE – INTANGIBLE It's important to insulate wires To guard against shocks, shorts and fires. With wireless (non-frangible, Safe and intangible) You can forget about pliers. SCHOLAR – SERENE
Jump to new posts Wanna go for a ride... by Cowboy_Monkey @ Today at 02:54 AM

You're in the roller-coaster's front car...feel that gear chain catch beneath your feet...Your hands, already stretched high over-head, get thrown backwards from the forward lurch. The train stretches, makes that noise couplings make. You're seat-ba
Information and announcements
Jump to new posts Re: City/Town/Country....ending with "its" sound by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 05:24 PM

There once was a young man from Pullet, Who got shot in the head with a bullet. It first glanced off Fitzpatrick's shed, Then screamed pass Mary Elizabeth's bed. Little known beyond that right now, But the constable suspects his cow. Perhaps you mig
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: Jealous Of, Happy For - How to use them together? by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 02:02 PM

"I'm so happy for you!" And yet...you feel that tugging-twinge of jealous at the same time. You hide a jealousy, simmering not far behind your smile. Hmmmm...Nothing a few drinks...a little time together will not make right. Feelwings...Nothing mo
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts opisthotonus: whole body spasms, front and back by wofahulicodoc @ Yesterday at 11:10 AM

OPISTHOGRAPH PRONUNCIATION: (o-PIS-thuh-graf) MEANING: noun: A text written on both front and back (of some parchment, papyrus, stone, etc.). ETYMOLOGY: From Greek opistho- (back) + -graph (writing). Earliest documented use: 1623. ________
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: we need a new word for... by hogmaster @ Yesterday at 07:35 AM

hmm.. never mind.
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: hogwash® rules(?) redux by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 12:50 AM

I just realized the Hogmaster is a girl. That makes this sounder of swine a matriarchal sounder. Sounder is the name of a group of mature pigs. Pigs are very social; they form close ties to one another and are comforted by the close proximity of oth
Looking for (writers, speakers, ...)
Jump to new posts Re: Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee) by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/16/15 11:25 PM

Reckon I'll just practice here... If I was a bit more et-up with the dumbass, I'd enter the Clearing House Sweepstake. Although I have been kinda lucky at the dog races. The secret to winning: betting on the one that just took a dump...lighter, faste
Beheading words
Jump to new posts Re: barmecide by Cowboy_Monkey @ 04/16/15 06:26 PM

Barbie committed suicide? No way! I don't believe it! She had everything a girl could possible want, and more, looks, the perfect figure, cars and houses. She even had all of Ken's stuff after the divor...Wait a second...You thinking what I'm thinkin
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