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Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: The male counterpart of distaff by birdie @ 4 minutes 42 seconds ago

The antonym of distaff is agnate. Had it in a crossword puzzle. It is also in Websters 20th century dictionary, unabridged edition
Loanwords from German
Jump to new posts Re: your face is familiar...... by Bazr @ 42 minutes 12 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: LukeJavan8Nope! My sheep comes from "The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The prince asks the pilot to draw him a sheep. It is a short French novel I used in teaching 2nd year French decades ago. My beautiful avatar i
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: Shall we check for prints? by endymion6 @ Yesterday at 02:29 PM

CARTER - R ..without a TRACE
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts To be or not to be: OBSEQUIOUS by jenny jenny @ Yesterday at 10:17 AM

obsequious PRONUNCIATION: (ob-SEE-kwee-uhs, uhb-) MEANING: adjective: Behaving in an ingratiating or servile manner. ETYMOLOGY: Earlier the word meant obedient or dutiful, with no connotations of fawning. Over time it has taken a negative turn
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: When an individual represents a group, in speech? by TitoMatito @ Yesterday at 10:14 AM

Yes, I think that must be it, although, so many specific words in English, I wonder if there's not one that's even more precise. Thanks, Faldage!
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts sylvester by Bazr @ Yesterday at 06:01 AM

No cupie doll this time Jenny J. Thufferin` thuccotash! - M__ B____
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