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Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: Is there a word for this? by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 11:50 PM

You suffer from the Bamboozle-Conundrum-Trichotomy. A pain inflicted by businesses with deep pockets. Commonly referred to as Conboozomy in the legal world. Better call Saul before you hurt someone. Not saying it can't be done, just much tougher to
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: A word for by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 11:15 PM

Catholics know this word well, already guilty before getting out of bed. The word is contrition. Acts of contrition must be performed where others can see. Like the Mexicans who crawl on their hands and knees for miles until bloody.
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: "Moving the needle" Origin, meaning and usage? by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 10:59 PM

Pegging the gauge. Pegged out. Maximum measurement...and then some. For example... When my geiger counter started screaming and the needle pegged out on all settings, past time to run like the wind out of this radioactive hell hole. Or it might ref
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts and was gleeful about it, no less by wofahulicodoc @ Yesterday at 10:12 PM

SCHOLAR - SERENE I once knew a Ten-o'Clock Scholar Who was never hot under the collar We all thought him serene Till a thinking machine Took his job, with a hood and a holler! SANDPAPER - SCRAP
Q&A about words
Jump to new posts Re: mother of all? by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 08:45 PM

The creator of course. And look where this has led...MOAB. Mother of all bombs. Alpha-Omega. BYOB to the apocalypse.
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Not cured, collect $200. Five times. by wofahulicodoc @ Yesterday at 08:40 PM

Ooh, like that one.
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts that's dangerous... by wofahulicodoc @ Yesterday at 08:38 PM

Weekly Themes
Jump to new posts Re: Words from Science by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 08:29 PM

epicenter: As noted this does not describe the center of an earthquake, but rather a point on the surface above it. This misuse is somewhat innocuous in that it is designed to make the speaker seem more educated than he or she is. We do not live ben
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts - - - a space of time. by LukeJavan8 @ Yesterday at 08:08 PM

Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: Why a mouse when it spins? by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 04:46 PM

An Con-Man decided to try something new. He opened a medical clinic and put a sign up outside: "Get your treatment for $500, if not treated get back $1,000." One Doctor thought this was a good opportunity to earn $1,000 and went to his clinic.
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: License plate fun by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 04:30 PM

On a Volkswagen bug all decked-out...AVW4U2C On a 100k Mercedes but upside-down...BLONDE
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: When George Raveling .. by endymion6 @ Yesterday at 03:27 PM

RAVELLING L ---- > T ..played at St Michael's School for Boys in PA, he was never called for TRAVELING ..tho' he took significant steps later (E.G.,coaching b-ball at USC)
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts - - - along the edges. by LukeJavan8 @ Yesterday at 11:40 AM

Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: I remember.. by endymion6 @ Yesterday at 11:29 AM

CLEARING + L ..when Peggy Wood played Mama RECALLING
Wordplay and fun
Jump to new posts Re: Choice of connection by A C Bowden @ Yesterday at 08:25 AM

INSULATE INTANGIBLE It's important to insulate wires To guard against shocks, shorts and fires. With wireless (non-frangible, Safe and intangible) You can forget about pliers. SCHOLAR SERENE
Jump to new posts Wanna go for a ride... by Cowboy_Monkey @ Yesterday at 02:54 AM

You're in the roller-coaster's front car...feel that gear chain catch beneath your feet...Your hands, already stretched high over-head, get thrown backwards from the forward lurch. The train stretches, makes that noise couplings make. You're seat-ba
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