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Anagrams for: september may

Thought of the Moment

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. -Carl Jung, psychiatrist (1875-1961)

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Besmear Empty
Maybes Temper
Maybe Tempers
Peaty Members
May September
Yam September
A September My
A Member Types
A Members Type
A Embers Empty
Besmear Pet My
Beam Metre Spy
Beam Meter Spy
Beam Meets Pry
Beam Teems Pry
Beam Metes Pry
Beam Mete Spry
Beam Teem Spry
Beam Meet Spry
Beam Pester My
Beam Peters My
Beam Preset My
Beam Retype Ms
Beam Perm Stye
Beam Sperm Yet
Beam Perms Yet
Beam Temps Rye
Beam Temp Ryes
Beam Empty Res
Beam Rem Types
Beam Rems Type
Beam Terms Yep
Beam Term Espy
Beam Term Yeps
Beam Stem Prey
Beam Stem Pyre
Beam Met Pyres
Beam Met Preys
Amber Mete Spy
Amber Teem Spy
Amber Meet Spy
Amber Steep My
Amber Me Types
Amber Em Types
Amber Temps Ye
Amber Temp Yes
Amber Ems Type
Amber Stem Yep
Amber Met Espy
Amber Met Yeps
Bream Mete Spy
Bream Teem Spy
Bream Meet Spy
Bream Steep My
Bream Me Types
Bream Em Types
Bream Temps Ye
Bream Temp Yes
Bream Ems Type
Bream Stem Yep
Bream Met Espy
Bream Met Yeps
Breams Me Type
Breams Em Type
Breams Temp Ye
Breams Met Yep
Ambers Me Type
Ambers Em Type
Ambers Temp Ye
Ambers Met Yep
Beams Mete Pry
Beams Teem Pry
Beams Meet Pry
Beams Peter My
Beams Perm Yet
Beams Temp Rye
Beams Empty Re
Beams Rem Type
Beams Term Yep
Beams Met Prey
Beams Met Pyre
Maybes Me Pert
Maybes Em Pert
Maybes Temp Re
Maybes Rem Pet
Maybes Met Per
Maybes Met Rep
Maybe Peter Ms
Maybe Steep Mr
Maybe Me Strep
Maybe Em Strep
Maybe Perm Set
Maybe Temps Re
Maybe Temp Res
Maybe Rem Pest
Maybe Rem Step
Maybe Rem Pets
Maybe Rems Pet
Maybe Ems Pert
Maybe Stem Per
Maybe Stem Rep
Maybe Met Reps
Bare Empty Ems
Bear Empty Ems
Brae Empty Ems
Braes Me Empty
Braes Em Empty
Saber Me Empty
Saber Em Empty
Baser Me Empty
Baser Em Empty
Bears Me Empty
Bears Em Empty
Sabre Me Empty
Sabre Em Empty
Bares Me Empty
Bares Em Empty
Base Temper My
Base Empty Rem
Bypast Mere Me
Bypast Mere Em
Bra Seem Empty
Bar Seem Empty
Bray Seem Temp
Abs Mere Empty
Abs Emery Temp
Bays Temper Me
Bays Temper Em
Bays Mere Temp
Bays Mete Perm
Bays Teem Perm
Bays Meet Perm
Bay Tempers Me
Bay Tempers Em
Bay Temper Ems
Bay Mere Temps
Bay Meres Temp
Bay Meets Perm
Bay Teems Perm
Bay Metes Perm
Bay Mete Sperm
Bay Mete Perms
Bay Teem Sperm
Bay Teem Perms
Bay Meet Sperm
Bay Meet Perms
Permeate By Ms
Ammeter Be Spy
Ampere Best My
Ampere Bets My
Ampere Byte Ms
Ampere By Stem
Amperes Bet My
Amperes By Met
Temperas Be My
Temperas By Me
Temperas By Em
Tempera Bye Ms
Tempera Bey Ms
Tempera By Ems
Peseta Berm My
Stammer Be Yep
Stammer By Pee
Yammers Be Pet
Yammer Be Pest
Yammer Be Step
Yammer Be Pets
Remap Beets My
Remap Beset My
Remap Bytes Me
Remap Bytes Em
Remap Beys Met
Remap Byes Met
Remap Byte Ems
Remap Bye Stem
Remap Bey Stem
Remap By Meets
Remap By Teems
Remap By Metes
Remaps Beet My
Remaps Byte Me
Remaps Byte Em
Remaps Bye Met
Remaps Bey Met
Remaps By Mete
Remaps By Teem
Remaps By Meet
Tampers Bee My
Tampers Bye Me
Tampers Bye Em
Tampers Bey Me
Tampers Bey Em
Stamper Bee My
Stamper Bye Me
Stamper Bye Em
Stamper Bey Me
Stamper Bey Em
Tamper Bees My
Tamper Beys Me
Tamper Beys Em
Tamper Byes Me
Tamper Byes Em
Tamper Bye Ems
Tamper Bey Ems
Tamper By Seem
Mare Beys Temp
Mare Byes Temp
Mare Bye Temps
Mare Bey Temps
Ream Beys Temp
Ream Byes Temp
Ream Bye Temps
Ream Bey Temps
Reams Be Empty
Reams Bye Temp
Reams Bey Temp
Maser Be Empty
Maser Bye Temp
Maser Bey Temp
Smear Be Empty
Smear Bye Temp
Smear Bey Temp
Mares Be Empty
Mares Bye Temp
Mares Bey Temp
Master Beep My
Tamers Beep My
Stream Beep My
Smeary Be Temp
Tamer Beeps My
Same Berm Type
Same Byte Perm
Same By Temper
Seam Berm Type
Seam Byte Perm
Seam By Temper
Mesa Berm Type
Mesa Byte Perm
Mesa By Temper
Steam Berm Yep
Steam Bye Perm
Steam Bey Perm
Meats Berm Yep
Meats Bye Perm
Meats Bey Perm
Teams Berm Yep
Teams Bye Perm
Teams Bey Perm
Tames Berm Yep
Tames Bye Perm
Tames Bey Perm
Mates Berm Yep
Mates Bye Perm
Mates Bey Perm
Steamy Be Perm
Steamy Beep Mr
Seamy Berm Pet
Seamy Bet Perm
Tame Ember Spy
Tame Berm Espy
Tame Berm Yeps
Tame Berms Yep
Tame Beys Perm
Tame Byes Perm
Tame Bye Sperm
Tame Bye Perms
Tame Bey Sperm
Tame Bey Perms
Meat Ember Spy
Meat Berm Espy
Meat Berm Yeps
Meat Berms Yep
Meat Beys Perm
Meat Byes Perm
Meat Bye Sperm
Meat Bye Perms
Meat Bey Sperm
Meat Bey Perms
Team Ember Spy
Team Berm Espy
Team Berm Yeps
Team Berms Yep
Team Beys Perm
Team Byes Perm
Team Bye Sperm
Team Bye Perms
Team Bey Sperm
Team Bey Perms
Mate Ember Spy
Mate Berm Espy
Mate Berm Yeps
Mate Berms Yep
Mate Beys Perm
Mate Byes Perm
Mate Bye Sperm
Mate Bye Perms
Mate Bey Sperm
Mate Bey Perms
Meaty Be Sperm
Meaty Be Perms
Meaty Beep Mrs
Meaty Beeps Mr
Ape Member Sty
Pea Member Sty
Pates Ember My
Peats Ember My
Paste Ember My
Tapes Ember My
Spate Ember My
Septa Ember My
Peat Embers My
Tape Embers My
Pate Embers My
Peaty Ember Ms
Peaty Berm Ems
Peaty Berms Me
Peaty Berms Em
Sea Berm Empty
Yeas Berm Temp
Easy Berm Temp
Ayes Berm Temp
Eta Member Spy
Tea Member Spy
Ate Member Spy
Eat Member Spy
Yea Berm Temps
Yea Berms Temp
Aye Berm Temps
Aye Berms Temp
Am Ember Types
Am Embers Type
Am Beers Empty
Am Beery Temps
Am Beys Temper
Am Byes Temper
Am Bye Tempers
Am Bey Tempers
Ma Ember Types
Ma Embers Type
Ma Beers Empty
Ma Beery Temps
Ma Beys Temper
Ma Byes Temper
Ma Bye Tempers
Ma Bey Tempers
Smarmy Bee Pet
Smarmy Bet Pee
Amp Beseem Try
Amp Ember Stye
Amp Embers Yet
Amp Beery Stem
Amp Best Emery
Amp Bets Emery
Amp Bytes Mere
Amp Beys Metre
Amp Beys Meter
Amp Byes Metre
Amp Byes Meter
Amp Byte Meres
Amp Bye Meters
Amp Bye Metres
Amp Bye Merest
Amp Bey Meters
Amp Bey Metres
Amp Bey Merest
Map Beseem Try
Map Ember Stye
Map Embers Yet
Map Beery Stem
Map Best Emery
Map Bets Emery
Map Bytes Mere
Map Beys Metre
Map Beys Meter
Map Byes Metre
Map Byes Meter
Map Byte Meres
Map Bye Meters
Map Bye Metres
Map Bye Merest
Map Bey Meters
Map Bey Metres
Map Bey Merest
Pram Beys Mete
Pram Beys Teem
Pram Beys Meet
Pram Byes Mete
Pram Byes Teem
Pram Byes Meet
Pram Byte Seem
Pram Bye Meets
Pram Bye Teems
Pram Bye Metes
Pram Bey Meets
Pram Bey Teems
Pram Bey Metes
Pram By Esteem
Ramp Beys Mete
Ramp Beys Teem
Ramp Beys Meet
Ramp Byes Mete
Ramp Byes Teem
Ramp Byes Meet
Ramp Byte Seem
Ramp Bye Meets
Ramp Bye Teems
Ramp Bye Metes
Ramp Bey Meets
Ramp Bey Teems
Ramp Bey Metes
Ramp By Esteem
Ramps Bye Mete
Ramps Bye Teem
Ramps Bye Meet
Ramps Bey Mete
Ramps Bey Teem
Ramps Bey Meet
Prams Bye Mete
Prams Bye Teem
Prams Bye Meet
Prams Bey Mete
Prams Bey Teem
Prams Bey Meet
Tramp Bye Seem
Tramp Bey Seem
Maps Ember Yet
Maps Beery Met
Maps Bet Emery
Maps Byte Mere
Maps Bye Metre
Maps Bye Meter
Maps Bey Metre
Maps Bey Meter
Amps Ember Yet
Amps Beery Met
Amps Bet Emery
Amps Byte Mere
Amps Bye Metre
Amps Bye Meter
Amps Bey Metre
Amps Bey Meter
Stamp Be Emery
Stamp Ember Ye
Stamp Beery Me
Stamp Beery Em
Stamp Berm Eye
Stamp Bye Mere
Stamp Bey Mere
Tamps Be Emery
Tamps Ember Ye
Tamps Beery Me
Tamps Beery Em
Tamps Berm Eye
Tamps Bye Mere
Tamps Bey Mere
Tamp Ember Yes
Tamp Embers Ye
Tamp Beery Ems
Tamp Berm Eyes
Tamp Berms Eye
Tamp Beys Mere
Tamp Byes Mere
Tamp Bye Meres
Tamp Bey Meres
Ram Bees Empty
Arm Bees Empty
Mar Bees Empty
Arms Bee Empty
Mars Bee Empty
Rams Bee Empty
Smarty Beep Me
Smarty Beep Em
Army Bee Temps
Army Beep Stem
Army Beeps Met
Army Bees Temp
Sam Ember Type
Sam Beer Empty
Sam Beery Temp
Sam Bye Temper
Sam Bey Temper
Mas Ember Type
Mas Beer Empty
Mas Beery Temp
Mas Bye Temper
Mas Bey Temper
Mats Beeper My
Mats Ember Yep
Mast Beeper My
Mast Ember Yep
Tams Beeper My
Tams Ember Yep
Mayst Bee Perm
Mayst Beep Rem
Mayst Berm Pee
Yams Be Temper
Yams Ember Pet
Yams Beep Term
Yams Beer Temp
Yams Beet Perm
Mays Be Temper
Mays Ember Pet
Mays Beep Term
Mays Beer Temp
Mays Beet Perm
Mat Beseem Pry
Mat Beepers My
Mat Ember Espy
Mat Ember Yeps
Mat Embers Yep
Tam Beseem Pry
Tam Beepers My
Tam Ember Espy
Tam Ember Yeps
Tam Embers Yep
May Be Tempers
May Ember Pest
May Ember Step
May Ember Pets
May Embers Pet
May Beep Terms
May Beeps Term
May Beer Temps
May Beers Temp
May Beets Perm
May Beset Perm
May Beet Sperm
May Beet Perms
May Berm Steep
Yam Be Tempers
Yam Ember Pest
Yam Ember Step
Yam Ember Pets
Yam Embers Pet
Yam Beep Terms
Yam Beeps Term
Yam Beer Temps
Yam Beers Temp
Yam Beets Perm
Yam Beset Perm
Yam Beet Sperm
Yam Beet Perms
Yam Berm Steep
Pa Member Stye
Pa Members Yet
Trap Beseem My
Part Beseem My
Tarp Beseem My
Rapt Beseem My
Spa Member Yet
Pas Member Yet
Asp Member Yet
Sap Member Yet
Pats Member Ye
Spat Member Ye
Past Member Ye
Taps Member Ye
Patsy Ember Me
Patsy Ember Em
Pasty Ember Me
Pasty Ember Em
Pays Ember Met
Pays Berm Mete
Pays Berm Teem
Pays Berm Meet
Spay Ember Met
Spay Berm Mete
Spay Berm Teem
Spay Berm Meet
Yaps Ember Met
Yaps Berm Mete
Yaps Berm Teem
Yaps Berm Meet
Tap Member Yes
Tap Members Ye
Pat Member Yes
Pat Members Ye
Apt Member Yes
Apt Members Ye
Pay Member Set
Pay Ember Stem
Pay Embers Met
Pay Berm Meets
Pay Berm Teems
Pay Berm Metes
Pay Berms Mete
Pay Berms Teem
Pay Berms Meet
Yap Member Set
Yap Ember Stem
Yap Embers Met
Yap Berm Meets
Yap Berm Teems
Yap Berm Metes
Yap Berms Mete
Yap Berms Teem
Yap Berms Meet
As Member Type
As Ember Empty
Sat Member Yep
Say Member Pet
Say Ember Temp
At Member Espy
At Member Yeps
At Members Yep
Ay Member Pest
Ay Member Step
Ay Member Pets
Ay Members Pet
Ay Ember Temps
Ay Embers Temp
Ya Member Pest
Ya Member Step
Ya Member Pets
Ya Members Pet
Ya Ember Temps
Ya Embers Temp
A Be Tempers My
A Be Empty Rems
A Bee Empty Mrs
A Ember Met Spy
A Ember Pest My
A Ember Step My
A Ember Pets My
A Ember Type Ms
A Embers Pet My
A Beep Terms My
A Beeps Term My
A Beer Temps My
A Beer Empty Ms
A Beers Temp My
A Beery Temp Ms
A Bees Empty Mr
A Beets Perm My
A Beset Perm My
A Beet Sperm My
A Beet Perms My
A Berm Mete Spy
A Berm Teem Spy
A Berm Meet Spy
A Berm Steep My
A Berm Me Types
A Berm Em Types
A Berm Temps Ye
A Berm Temp Yes
A Berm Ems Type
A Berm Stem Yep
A Berm Met Espy
A Berm Met Yeps
A Berms Me Type
A Berms Em Type
A Berms Temp Ye
A Berms Met Yep
A Bytes Me Perm
A Bytes Em Perm
A Beys Perm Met
A Beys Temp Rem
A Byes Perm Met
A Byes Temp Rem
A Byte Me Sperm
A Byte Me Perms
A Byte Em Sperm
A Byte Em Perms
A Byte Perm Ems
A Bye Temper Ms
A Bye Perm Stem
A Bye Sperm Met
A Bye Perms Met
A Bye Temps Rem
A Bye Temp Rems
A Bey Temper Ms
A Bey Perm Stem
A Bey Sperm Met
A Bey Perms Met
A Bey Temps Rem
A Bey Temp Rems
A By Tempers Me
A By Tempers Em
A By Temper Ems
A By Mere Temps
A By Meres Temp
A By Meets Perm
A By Teems Perm
A By Metes Perm
A By Mete Sperm
A By Mete Perms
A By Teem Sperm
A By Teem Perms
A By Meet Sperm
A By Meet Perms
Beam Pee Mr Sty
Beam Pee Ms Try
Beam Tee Mr Spy
Beam Tee Ms Pry
Beam Me Per Sty
Beam Me Rep Sty
Beam Me Set Pry
Beam Em Per Sty
Beam Em Rep Sty
Beam Em Set Pry
Beam Met Re Spy
Beam Per Set My
Beam Per Yet Ms
Beam Rep Set My
Beam Rep Yet Ms
Beam Pert Ye Ms
Beam Pest Re My
Beam Pest Ye Mr
Beam Step Re My
Beam Step Ye Mr
Beam Pets Re My
Beam Pets Ye Mr
Beam Pet Res My
Beam Pet Rye Ms
Beam Pet Yes Mr
Beam Pet Ye Mrs
Beam Type Re Ms
Beam Yep Set Mr
Amber Pet Ye Ms
Bream Pet Ye Ms
Beams Pet Re My
Beams Pet Ye Mr
Maybe Pet Re Ms
Bare Me Met Spy
Bare Me Pest My
Bare Me Step My
Bare Me Pets My
Bare Me Type Ms
Bare Em Met Spy
Bare Em Pest My
Bare Em Step My
Bare Em Pets My
Bare Em Type Ms
Bare Temp Ye Ms
Bare Ems Pet My
Bare Met Yep Ms
Bear Me Met Spy
Bear Me Pest My
Bear Me Step My
Bear Me Pets My
Bear Me Type Ms
Bear Em Met Spy
Bear Em Pest My
Bear Em Step My
Bear Em Pets My
Bear Em Type Ms
Bear Temp Ye Ms
Bear Ems Pet My
Bear Met Yep Ms
Brae Me Met Spy
Brae Me Pest My
Brae Me Step My
Brae Me Pets My
Brae Me Type Ms
Brae Em Met Spy
Brae Em Pest My
Brae Em Step My
Brae Em Pets My
Brae Em Type Ms
Brae Temp Ye Ms
Brae Ems Pet My
Brae Met Yep Ms
Braes Me Pet My
Braes Em Pet My
Saber Me Pet My
Saber Em Pet My
Baser Me Pet My
Baser Em Pet My
Bears Me Pet My
Bears Em Pet My
Sabre Me Pet My
Sabre Em Pet My
Bares Me Pet My
Bares Em Pet My
Base Me Met Pry
Base Me Pert My
Base Me Type Mr
Base Em Met Pry
Base Em Pert My
Base Em Type Mr
Base Temp Re My
Base Temp Ye Mr
Base Rem Pet My
Base Met Per My
Base Met Rep My
Base Met Yep Mr
Betas Pee Mr My
Betas Me Em Pry
Betas Me Per My
Betas Me Rep My
Betas Me Yep Mr
Betas Em Per My
Betas Em Rep My
Betas Em Yep Mr
Beast Pee Mr My
Beast Me Em Pry
Beast Me Per My
Beast Me Rep My
Beast Me Yep Mr
Beast Em Per My
Beast Em Rep My
Beast Em Yep Mr
Beats Pee Mr My
Beats Me Em Pry
Beats Me Per My
Beats Me Rep My
Beats Me Yep Mr
Beats Em Per My
Beats Em Rep My
Beats Em Yep Mr
Baste Pee Mr My
Baste Me Em Pry
Baste Me Per My
Baste Me Rep My
Baste Me Yep Mr
Baste Em Per My
Baste Em Rep My
Baste Em Yep Mr
Bates Pee Mr My
Bates Me Em Pry
Bates Me Per My
Bates Me Rep My
Bates Me Yep Mr
Bates Em Per My
Bates Em Rep My
Bates Em Yep Mr
Abets Pee Mr My
Abets Me Em Pry
Abets Me Per My
Abets Me Rep My
Abets Me Yep Mr
Abets Em Per My
Abets Em Rep My
Abets Em Yep Mr
Abet Pee Mrs My
Abet Peer Ms My
Abet Pees Mr My
Abet Seep Mr My
Abet Me Em Spry
Abet Me Rem Spy
Abet Me Ems Pry
Abet Me Reps My
Abet Me Prey Ms
Abet Me Pyre Ms
Abet Me Espy Mr
Abet Me Yeps Mr
Abet Me Yep Mrs
Abet Em Rem Spy
Abet Em Ems Pry
Abet Em Reps My
Abet Em Prey Ms
Abet Em Pyre Ms
Abet Em Espy Mr
Abet Em Yeps Mr
Abet Em Yep Mrs
Abet Perm Ye Ms
Abet Rem Yep Ms
Abet Ems Per My
Abet Ems Rep My
Abet Ems Yep Mr
Bate Pee Mrs My
Bate Peer Ms My
Bate Pees Mr My
Bate Seep Mr My
Bate Me Em Spry
Bate Me Rem Spy
Bate Me Ems Pry
Bate Me Reps My
Bate Me Prey Ms
Bate Me Pyre Ms
Bate Me Espy Mr
Bate Me Yeps Mr
Bate Me Yep Mrs
Bate Em Rem Spy
Bate Em Ems Pry
Bate Em Reps My
Bate Em Prey Ms
Bate Em Pyre Ms
Bate Em Espy Mr
Bate Em Yeps Mr
Bate Em Yep Mrs
Bate Perm Ye Ms
Bate Rem Yep Ms
Bate Ems Per My
Bate Ems Rep My
Bate Ems Yep Mr
Beat Pee Mrs My
Beat Peer Ms My
Beat Pees Mr My
Beat Seep Mr My
Beat Me Em Spry
Beat Me Rem Spy
Beat Me Ems Pry
Beat Me Reps My
Beat Me Prey Ms
Beat Me Pyre Ms
Beat Me Espy Mr
Beat Me Yeps Mr
Beat Me Yep Mrs
Beat Em Rem Spy
Beat Em Ems Pry
Beat Em Reps My
Beat Em Prey Ms
Beat Em Pyre Ms
Beat Em Espy Mr
Beat Em Yeps Mr
Beat Em Yep Mrs
Beat Perm Ye Ms
Beat Rem Yep Ms
Beat Ems Per My
Beat Ems Rep My
Beat Ems Yep Mr
Beta Pee Mrs My
Beta Peer Ms My
Beta Pees Mr My
Beta Seep Mr My
Beta Me Em Spry
Beta Me Rem Spy
Beta Me Ems Pry
Beta Me Reps My
Beta Me Prey Ms
Beta Me Pyre Ms
Beta Me Espy Mr
Beta Me Yeps Mr
Beta Me Yep Mrs
Beta Em Rem Spy
Beta Em Ems Pry
Beta Em Reps My
Beta Em Prey Ms
Beta Em Pyre Ms
Beta Em Espy Mr
Beta Em Yeps Mr
Beta Em Yep Mrs
Beta Perm Ye Ms
Beta Rem Yep Ms
Beta Ems Per My
Beta Ems Rep My
Beta Ems Yep Mr
Bypast Me Em Re
Bra Tepee Ms My
Bra Seem Pet My
Bra Mete Me Spy
Bra Mete Em Spy
Bra Mete Yep Ms
Bra Teem Me Spy
Bra Teem Em Spy
Bra Teem Yep Ms
Bra Meet Me Spy
Bra Meet Em Spy
Bra Meet Yep Ms
Bra Pee Stem My
Bra Pees Met My
Bra Seep Met My
Bra Steep Me My
Bra Steep Em My
Bra See Temp My
Bra Eye Temp Ms
Bra Me Em Types
Bra Me Temps Ye
Bra Me Temp Yes
Bra Me Ems Type
Bra Me Stem Yep
Bra Me Met Espy
Bra Me Met Yeps
Bra Em Temps Ye
Bra Em Temp Yes
Bra Em Ems Type
Bra Em Stem Yep
Bra Em Met Espy
Bra Em Met Yeps
Bra Temp Ems Ye
Bra Ems Met Yep
Bar Tepee Ms My
Bar Seem Pet My
Bar Mete Me Spy
Bar Mete Em Spy
Bar Mete Yep Ms
Bar Teem Me Spy
Bar Teem Em Spy
Bar Teem Yep Ms
Bar Meet Me Spy
Bar Meet Em Spy
Bar Meet Yep Ms
Bar Pee Stem My
Bar Pees Met My
Bar Seep Met My
Bar Steep Me My
Bar Steep Em My
Bar See Temp My
Bar Eye Temp Ms
Bar Me Em Types
Bar Me Temps Ye
Bar Me Temp Yes
Bar Me Ems Type
Bar Me Stem Yep
Bar Me Met Espy
Bar Me Met Yeps
Bar Em Temps Ye
Bar Em Temp Yes
Bar Em Ems Type

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