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Anagrams for: leviticus

Thought of the Moment

An old miser kept a tame jackdaw, that used to steal pieces of money, and hide them in a hole, which a cat observing, asked, "Why he would hoard up those round shining things that he could make no use of?" "Why," said the jackdaw, "my master has a whole chestfull, and makes no more use of them that I do." -Jonathan Swift, satirist (1667-1745)

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Clue Visit
Civil Suet
Ictus Vile
Ictus Live
Ictus Evil
Ictus Veil
Cult Ivies
Vice I Slut
Vice I Lust
Vice Lit Us
Tic Vile Us
Tic Live Us
Tic Evil Us
Tic Veil Us
Cults Vie I
Cult Vies I
Cult Vise I
Cult Vie Is
Cuts Vile I
Cuts Live I
Cuts Evil I
Cuts Veil I
Cut Veils I
Cut Lives I
Cut Evils I
Cut Vile Is
Cut Live Is
Cut Evil Is
Cut Veil Is

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