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Anagrams for: haptics

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The burdensome practice of judging brings annoyance and weariness. -Third Chinese Patriarch of Zen

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Chap Tis
Chap Its
Chap Sit
Chaps Ti
Chaps It
Patch Is
Chapt Is
Cash Tip
Cash Pit
Chats Pi
Chat Sip
Chat Pis
Chat Psi
Cap Hits
Cap Shit
Cap This
Cap Hist
Caps Hit
Pacts Hi
Pact His
Sac Pith
Cast Hip
Cast Phi
Cats Hip
Cats Phi
Scat Hip
Scat Phi
Acts Hip
Acts Phi
Act Phis
Act Ship
Act Hips
Cat Phis
Cat Ship
Cat Hips
Hap Tics
Hasp Tic
Haps Tic
Phat Sic
Path Sic
Shat Pic
Hast Pic
Hats Pic
Hat Pics
Pa Chits
Spa Chit
Spa Itch
Sap Chit
Sap Itch
Asp Chit
Asp Itch
Pas Chit
Pas Itch
Past Chi
Spat Chi
Pats Chi
Taps Chi
Pat Chis
Tap Chis
Apt Chis
As Pitch
Sat Chip
At Chips

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