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Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944)

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Saddening Turn
Saddening Runt
Understand Gin
Redundant Sign
Redundant Sing
Redundant Gins
Danders Tuning
Sadden Turning
Sanded Turning
Dared Stunning
Adder Stunning
Dread Stunning
Darted Sunning
Traded Sunning
Dated Runnings
Suntanned Gird
Suntanned Grid
Untanned Girds
Untanned Grids
Treads Dunning
Stared Dunning
Trades Dunning
Daters Dunning
Darning Nudest
Stranding Dune
Stranding Nude
Sanding Turned
Standing Under
Standing Nuder
Daunting Nerds
Daunting Rends
Daring Stunned
Daring Dunnest
Trading Sunned
Darting Sunned
Strand Enduing
Tundras Ending
Tundras Ginned
Tundra Endings
Tundra Sending
Stand Enduring
Daunts Rending
Daunts Grinned
Sudan Trending
Darts Unending
Tanners Duding
Tannings Udder
Tanning Udders
Ranting Sudden
Ratings Dunned
Staring Dunned
Tannins Drudge
Tannin Drudges
Tarns Denuding
Rants Denuding
A Dinned Grunts
A Dinned Strung
A Dunned String
A Trending Duns
A Stunned Grind
A Dunnest Grind
A Drest Dunning
Ad Ending Turns
Ad Ending Runts
Ad Ginned Turns
Ad Ginned Runts
Ad Rending Nuts
Ad Rending Tuns
Ad Rending Stun
Ad Grinned Nuts
Ad Grinned Tuns
Ad Grinned Stun
Ad Trending Nus
Ad Trending Sun
Ad Endings Turn
Ad Endings Runt
Ad Sending Turn
Ad Sending Runt
Ad Denting Urns
Ad Denting Runs
Ad Tending Urns
Ad Tending Runs
Ad Stringed Nun
Ad Grunted Inns
Ad Dinner Stung
Ad Sinned Grunt
Ad Dentins Rung
Ad Indents Rung
Ad Intends Rung
Ad Dentin Rungs
Ad Indent Rungs
Ad Tinned Rungs
Ad Intend Rungs
Ad Den Turnings
Ad End Turnings
Ad Dunner Tings
Ad Dunner Sting
Ad Stunned Ring
Ad Stunned Grin

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