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Anagrams for: Go Drama Club!

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War, at first, is the hope that one will be better off; next, the expectation that the other fellow will be worse off; then, the satisfaction that he isn't any better off; and, finally, the surprise at everyone's being worse off. -Karl Kraus, writer (1874-1936)

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Gradual Comb
Lumbago Card
A Gambol Curd
A Gambol Crud
Baa Cord Glum
Baa Clog Drum
Cabal God Rum
Cabal Dog Rum
Cabal Drug Om
Cabal Mod Rug
Cabal Drum Go
Cabal Rod Mug
Cabal Rod Gum
Lambda Cur Go
Arab Clod Mug
Arab Clod Gum
Arab Cold Mug
Arab Cold Gum
Arab Cod Glum
Arab Doc Glum
Arab Clog Mud
Arab Cum Gold
Caudal Gob Mr
Caudal Bog Mr
Drama Club Go
Drama Cob Lug
Drama Cub Log
Alga Crumb Do
Alga Cob Drum
Alga Curb Mod
Alga Cub Dorm
Alga Bud Corm
Alga Dub Corm
Alga Mob Curd
Alga Mob Crud
Alga Bum Cord
Gala Crumb Do
Gala Cob Drum
Gala Curb Mod
Gala Cub Dorm
Gala Bud Corm
Gala Dub Corm
Gala Mob Curd
Gala Mob Crud
Gala Bum Cord
Agar Bloc Mud
Agar Club Mod
Agar Cub Mold
Agar Bold Cum
Agar Bum Clod
Agar Bum Cold
Raga Bloc Mud
Raga Club Mod
Raga Cub Mold
Raga Bold Cum
Raga Bum Clod
Raga Bum Cold
Lama Cob Drug
Lama Curb God
Lama Curb Dog
Lama Drub Cog
Lama Gob Curd
Lama Gob Crud
Lama Bog Curd
Lama Bog Crud
Lama Grub Cod
Lama Grub Doc
Lama Burg Cod
Lama Burg Doc
Lama Bug Cord
Alarm Cob Dug
Alarm Cub God
Alarm Cub Dog
Alarm Bud Cog
Alarm Dub Cog
Alarm Gob Cud
Alarm Bog Cud
Alarm Bug Cod
Alarm Bug Doc
Cab Modal Rug
Cab Road Glum
Cab Rad Mogul
Cab Goal Drum
Cab Gaol Drum
Cab Largo Mud
Cab Gram Loud
Cab Guam Lord
Cab Gar Mould
Cab Rag Mould
Cab Lam Gourd
Cab Loam Drug
Cab Molar Dug
Cab Moral Dug
Cab Mural God
Cab Mural Dog
Cab Arum Gold
Carob Ad Glum
Carob Glad Um
Carob Glad Mu
Carob Lad Mug

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