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Anagrams for: Authority

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Because no battle is ever won he said. They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools. -William Faulkner, novelist (1897-1962) [The Sound and the Fury, 1929]
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Hairy Tout
Ray Outhit
A Hi Tryout
Ah I Tryout
Ah Tit Your
Ha I Tryout
Ha Tit Your
Hair Yo Tut
Hoary I Tut
Oath I Yurt
Ahoy Ti Rut
Ahoy It Rut
Rah Tit You
Hart Ti You
Hart It You
Hat Ti Your
Hat It Your
That I Your
Hay I Trout
Hay I Tutor
Hay Ti Tour
Hay Ti Rout
Hay It Tour
Hay It Rout
Hay Tit Our
Iota Uh Try
Air Hut Toy
Air Thy Out
Trait Uh Yo
Airy Ho Tut
Airy Oh Tut
Airy Hut To
Airy Uh Tot
Oat Hi Yurt
Auto Hi Try
Art Hit You
Art Youth I
Rat Hit You
Rat Youth I
Tar Hit You
Tar Youth I
Tart Hi You
Arty Hi Out
Arty Thou I
Tray Hi Out
Tray Thou I
Ray Hi Tout
Ray Hit Out
Ray Thou Ti
Ray Thou It
At Hit Your
Tat Hi Your
Tau Hi Troy
Tau Hi Tyro
Tau Hi Tory
Ya Hi Trout
Ya Hi Tutor
Ya Hit Tour
Ya Hit Rout
Ya Hour Tit
Ya Hut Tiro
Ya Hut Riot
Ya Hut Trio
Ay Hi Trout
Ay Hi Tutor
Ay Hit Tour
Ay Hit Rout
Ay Hour Tit
Ay Hut Tiro
Ay Hut Riot
Ay Hut Trio
A Hi To Yurt
A Hi Out Try
A Hi Toy Rut
A Hit Yo Rut
A Ho I Rutty
A Ho Ti Yurt
A Ho It Yurt
A Oh I Rutty
A Oh Ti Yurt
A Oh It Yurt
A Hot I Yurt
A Tho I Yurt
A Thou I Try
A Truth I Yo
A Thru I Toy
A Thru Ti Yo
A Thru It Yo
A Hurt I Toy
A Hurt Ti Yo
A Hurt It Yo
A Hut I Troy
A Hut I Tyro
A Hut I Tory
A Thy I Tour
A Thy I Rout
A Thy Ti Our
A Thy It Our
A Uh Ti Troy

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