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A gun gives you the body, not the bird. -Henry David Thoreau, naturalist and author (1817-1862)

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Satan Deed Lutenist
Satan Deleted Units
Satan Delisted Tune
Satan Destined Lute
Satan Unedited Lest
Satan Unedited Lets
Satan Denudes Title
Satan Endued Titles
Satan Denude Titles
Satan Died Unsettle
Satan Diluted Teens
Satan Diluted Tense
Satan Luddite Teens
Satan Luddite Tense
Satan Indued Settle
Satan Dudes Entitle
Satan Dude Entitles
Satan Delete Nudist
Satan Elide Stunted
Satan Elide Student
Satan Tinseled Duet
Satan Listened Duet
Satan Enlisted Duet
Satan Entitled Used
Satan Entitled Sued
Satan Entitled Dues
Satan Elides Nutted
Satan Diesel Nutted
Satan Insetted Duel
Satan Dinettes Duel
Satan Dinette Slued
Satan Dinette Duels
Satan Unsettled Die
Satan Eldest Untied
Satan Eldest United
Satan Settled Indue
Satan Eludes Tinted
Satan Elude Stinted
Satan Elude Dentist
Satan Tensed Dilute
Satan Nested Dilute
Satan Untested Deli
Satan Untested Lied
Satan Untested Idle
Satan Ensued Titled
Satan Ensued Tilted
Satan Endues Titled
Satan Endues Tilted
Satan Endue Stilted
Satan Seed Untitled
Satan Teed Insulted
Satan Teed Unlisted

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