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verboten (vuhr-BOHT-n) adjective

Not allowed; forbidden.

[From German, past participle of verbieten, to forbid.]

"After his third surgery on the wrong side of the brain, Dr. Cerebrum was declared verboten anywhere near the operating room, and his practice was limited to treating toe-nail fungus."

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What if a word itself is a picture? That's the idea behind what I call WordPix--words presented so that they do their own show-and-tell. With each word this week, I'll give you the URL of an image that shows its WordPix. Without further ado, let's see some words and let them talk about themselves. Instead of giving citations from newspapers, magazines, and books, this week I'll write usage examples myself. -Anu


The best cure for worry, depression, melancholy, brooding, is to go deliberately forth and try to lift with one's sympathy the gloom of somebody else. -Arnold Bennett, novelist (1867-1931)

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