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Tartarean (tahr-TAR-ee-uhn) adjective

Hellish; infernal.

[From Latin tartareus, from Greek tartareios, from Tartaros. In Greek mythology, Tartarus was the place in Hades reserved for punishing the worst.]

"The hatch, removed from the top of the works, now afforded a wide hearth in front of them. Standing on this were the Tartarean shapes of the pagan harpooneers, always the whaleship's stokers."
Herman Melville; Moby Dick: Or, the Whale; Hendricks House; 1952.

"The late-afternoon skies over lower downtown Denver were Stygian dark and Tartarean dreary, as had been the Rockies in the series with the omnipotent Yankees, when Todd Zeile approached the plate in the culmination of the 10th inning, and there was a fulmination and fulguration of thunder and lightning."
Woody Paige; A Ruthian Victory For the Locals; The Denver Post; Jun 21, 2002.

This week's theme: toponyms, or words derived from the names of places.


A nation, like a tree, does not thrive well till it is engrafted with a foreign stock. -Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882)

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