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A.Word.A.Day--sui juris

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sui juris (SOO-eye joor-is, SOO-ee) adjective

Legally competent to manage one's affairs or assume responsibility.

[From Latin sui juris, from sui (of one's own) juris (right).]

The opposite of sui juris is alieni juris (Latin for "of another's right"), one under control of another, either from being below legal age, or because of mental incapacity, an insane person. -Anu

"The people or persons who may be entitled to, or claim some share or interest in, the subject matter of the suit are not finite in number. They include any individual who is sui juris and who might be interested." Fred M'membe, The Supreme Court Has Decided, Post of Zambia (Lusaka), January 23, 1998.

This week's theme: terms from the world of law.


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