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suffrage (SUF-rij) noun

1. The right or privilege of voting; the franchise. The exercise of such a right.

2. A vote cast in deciding a disputed question or in electing a person to office.

3. A short intercessory prayer.

[Middle English, intercessory prayer, from Old French, from Medieval Latin suffragium, from Latin, the right to vote, from suffragari, to express support.]

"Women's suffrage has become a hot campaign issue. Shiites and some Sunni leaders believe it is not against Islamic teachings for women to mingle with men and enter political office, while others have threatened to take severe action if women are allowed into the political domain." Diana Elias, Women's Suffrage Debated in Kuwait, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Jun 21, 1999.

This week's theme: words about government, politics, and elections.


If I can stop one Heart from breaking / I shall not live in vain / If I can ease one Life the Aching / Or cool one Pain / Or help one fainting Robin / Unto his Nest again / I shall not live in Vain. -Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

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