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stoic (STOH-ik) noun

One who is or appears to be indifferent to pleasure or pain; unaffected by emotions.


Unaffected by pleasure or pain.

[After the name of the school of philosophy founded by Greek philosopher Zeno (c. 340-265 BCE) that one should be free of passion and be unaffected by grief or joy. From Middle English, from Latin stoicus, from Greek stoikos from stoa, the porch where Zeno taught.]

"Those who stand to lose revenue from electronic-book piracy are being remarkably stoic in the face of the first high-profile incident." Christine McGeever, E-book Piracy Doesn't Frighten Publishers, Computerworld, Apr 10, 2000.

This week's theme: words related to places.


It is the characteristic of the most stringent censorships that they give credibility to the opinions they attack. -Voltaire, philosopher (1694-1778)

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