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solatium (so-LAY-shee-um) noun

Compensation for emotional suffering, injured feeling, inconvenience, grief, etc. (as opposed to physical injury, financial loss, for example).

[From Latin solatium, variant of solacium (to comfort), from solari (to console).]

When a court awards a solatium to a victim, it is literally consoling him, or providing a solace. Both console and solace share the same root as solatium. -Anu

"The ungrateful parent had therefore not only to pay the bill for attendance, but 50 francs in addition as a solatium to the wounded professional feelings of the lady doctor." A Lady Doctor's Double Victory, British Medical Journal (London), Nov 11, 2000.

"The Tokyo District Court on July 31 ordered Kato to pay $10,000 in solatium to the former president of his supporters' organization for defaming him in Diet testimony." Ako Washio, Nishioka Says He Will Use New Post to Promote Unity, The Japan Times (Tokyo), Aug 19-25, 1996.

This week's theme: terms from the world of law.


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