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sniglet (SNIG-lit) noun

Any word coined for something that has no specific name.

[Said to be derivative of obsolete sniggle to snicker, with -let]

"There is no word for it, but there ought to be one. Baseball has numbers for everything. What it needs is another term, a sniglet for the kind of game the Mets experienced ...." Marty Noble, Division Series, Newsday, 8 Oct 1999.

Sniglets are known as words that don't appear in the dictionary but should. If you think about it, the word sniglet itself was a sniglet at one time. Can you come up with a good sniglet (not read in one of those endlessly forwarded email messages)? Send it to garg AT wordsmith.org. If I receive enough good ones I'll put out a compilation. In the meantime look for more words about words during the rest of this week. -Anu


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