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sitophobia (sy-tuh-FO-bee-uh) noun

Morbid aversion to food.

[From Greek sito- (food) + -phobia (fear, aversion).]

The word is also spelled as sitiophobia. Two related words are sitomania (abnormal craving for food), and sitology (the study of nutrition).

"By the time (Mollie) Fancher took to her bed, sitophobia had turned into 'chlorosis', a type of anaemia."
Kate Bolick; The Girl Who Lived On Air; The Guardian (London, UK); May 6, 2002.

"To lower a child's weight is important, but (Jitsuo) Kitada warns there are pitfalls in dieting as it places children in danger of contracting sitophobia."
Overweight Children a 'Growing' Concern For Japanese Parents; The Daily Yomiuri (Tokyo, Japan); Jul 6, 1996.

This week's theme: Words related to eating and drinking


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