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satyr (SAY-tuhr) noun

1. Often Satyr. In Greek mythology, a woodland creature depicted as having the pointed ears, legs, and short horns of a goat and a fondness for unrestrained revelry.

2. A licentious man; a lecher.

3. A man who is affected by satyriasis.

4. Any of various butterflies of the family Satyridae, having brown wings marked with eyelike spots.

[Middle English satire, from Old French, from Latin satyrus, from Greek saturos.]

"Presiding like a twinkly satyr over this parade of sauciness and silicone is Antoine de Caunes, the aforementioned Frenchman."
James Rampton, Staying in: Sauciness and silicone, Independent, 19 Sep 1998.

This week's theme: Words from Greek and Roman mythologies


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