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satchel (SACH-uhl) noun

A small bag, often with a shoulder strap, for carrying books, clothing, etc.

[From Middle English sachel, from Old French, from Late Latin saccellus, double diminutive of saccus (bag).]

"An eight-hour shift might yield as many as 10,000 golf balls, even as Lantz spars with the hidden wildlife and climbs over submerged golf carts and ditched cars -- all the while dodging errant golf shots, not to mention thrown golf clubs. He lugs a satchel laden with up to 1,000 balls, an air tank and another 30 pounds of scuba gear that keep him weighted to the pond floor." Bill Pennington, At the Bottom of Golf Ponds, A Big Business Is Lurking, The New York Times, Jul 4, 2002.

This week's theme: words with double connections.


Many live in the ivory tower called reality; they never venture on the open sea of thought. -Francois Gautier, journalist (1950- )

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