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saponaceous (sap-uh-NAY-shus) adjective

Soapy, slippery, evasive.

[From New Latin saponaceus, from Latin sapon- (soap).]

"Is this meant to be a fable about the power of the media (in the person of the saponaceous [Ross]) to expose secrets and destroy relatively innocent lives?"
Barbara D. Phillips; Theater: Animal Passions; The Wall Street Journal (New York); Mar 13, 2002.

"Perhaps the most revealing incident is the chapter on the kidnapping of Roger Tamraz. Tamraz, a saponaceous Lebanese businessman."
Walid Harb; Books & the Arts: 'Snake Eat Snake'; The Nation (New York); Jul 19, 1999.

This week's theme: Words to describe your opponents, vituperation


It (death) comes equally to us all, and makes us all equal when it comes. -John Donne, poet (1573-1631)

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