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sabulous (SAB-yuh-luhs) adjective

Sandy; gritty.

[From Latin sabulum (sand).]

"Clinical disorders of the lower urinary tract of cats are not new phenomena. Kirk, for example, described `retention of urine' as a very common condition in cats. He also noted that the most common cause of the problem was obstruction of the urethra by a sabulous material." Peter J Markwell, et al, The Effect of Diet on Lower Urinary Tract Diseases in Cats, The Journal of Nutrition (Bethesda, Maryland), Dec 1998.

"Absolutely sabulous: Sabu is caught in a giant spider web in Alexander Korda's `The Thief of Bagdad' from 1940." Focus Forum, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana), Apr 16, 1995.

This week's theme: words from the major source languages of English.


I learned long ago that being Lewis Carroll was infinitely more exciting than being Alice. -Joyce Carol Oates, writer (1938- )

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