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(rum-BUS-chuhs) Pronunciation RealAudio

adjective: Wild; rambunctious.

[Origin uncertain. Probably both rumbustious and rambunctious are alterations of robustious.]

"As yet another British tourist received a stiff fine yesterday for indecent exposure at an infamous seaside resort on Rhodes, the island's police authorities conferred with regional officials, hoteliers and the British consul on coping with the hordes of rumbustious UK nationals flocking to Greece this summer for booze-fueled holidays."
Rhodes Meeting on Hell-raisers; Kathimerini (Athens, Greece); Aug 22, 2003.

"Lord Salmon added that 'no criticism of a judgment, however vigorous, can amount to contempt of court, providing it keeps within the limits of reasonable courtesy and good faith. The decision here complained of, however rumbustious, however wide of the mark, whether expressed in good taste or in bad taste, seems to me to be well within those limits'."
Stephen Alleyne; The Courts Are Not Beyond Reproach; Barbados Advocate (Bridgetown, Barbados); Aug 20, 2003.

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