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(PROF-loo-ent) Pronunciation RealAudio

adjective: Flowing smoothly; flowing in full stream.

[From Middle English, from Latin profluent-, stem of profluens, present participle of profluere (to flow forth), from pro- (forth) + fluere (to flow). Ultimately from Indo-European root bhleu- (to swell or overflow), from which flow words such as affluent, influence, influenza, fluctuate, fluent, fluid, fluoride, flush, flux, reflux, and superfluous.]

"Though (John) Abercrombie is advertised as a 'fusion' guitarist, his profluent style and extraordinary musicality were not diminished by the battery of electronic gadgetry."
A. James Liska; Jazz Reviews: John Abercrombie; Los Angeles Times; Jun 2, 1986.

"Baptizing in the profluent stream, the sign
Of washing them from guilt of sin to life."
John Milton; Paradise Lost: Book 12; 1665.

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