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occlude (uh-KLOOD) verb tr.

1. To close, obstruct, or to shut out.

2. To absorb or adsorb (in physical chemistry).

verb intr.

1. To close such that the cusps (of the upper and lower jaws) fit together (in dentistry).

2. To force air aloft, as when a cold front overtakes a warm front, resulting in an occluded front (in meteorology).

[From Latin occludere, from ob- + claudere (to close).]

An agitation in the bush.
Occluded trees.
Mad life heralding the blue heat of God
snickers in a corner of the west windowsill."
From the poem "In the Mecca" Book: In the Mecca, 1968.

This week's theme: Words from the Works of Gwendolyn Brooks.


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