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malediction (mal-i-DIK-shuhn) noun

1. The calling down of a curse. A curse.

2. Slander.

[Middle English maladicte, from Latin maledictus, past participle of maledicere, to curse : male, ill + dicere, to speak.]

"Thanks to a constantly bickering couple on the third floor, I enlivened my vocabulary with a goodly store of old-world maledictions before my eighth birthday." Sherwin B. Nuland, Hate in the Time of Cholera, The New Republic, 26 May 1997.

"The Fairies' gifts, who on thy birth attended, Seemed all with bitter maledictions blended;" John Reuben Thompson, Lee to the Rear, The World's Best Poetry on CD(tm), 20 Mar 1995.

(Now you know why men curse more often than women do. Remember, it's male diction. (-: -Anu)


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