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landloper (LAND-lo-puhr) noun, also landlouper and landleaper

A wanderer; vagabond; vagrant.

[From Dutch landlooper (landrunner), from land + lopen (to run).]

"Through a series of games and dreamlike fantasies, the dynamic of Raskolnikov's struggle between good and evil established Mr. Vodychev's Raskolnikov as both an intellectual landloper and a truth-seeker against Mr. Drach's Svidrigaylov, who took on the qualities of Goethe's devil Mephistopheles." Julie-Anne Franko; Kurbas Theater's 'Games for Faust'; Ukrainian Weekly (Jersey City, New Jersey); Mar 17, 1996.

This week's theme: descriptive words to apply to people.


Life is like a library owned by an author. In it are a few books which he wrote himself, but most of them were written for him. -Harry Emerson Fosdick, preacher and author (1878-1969)

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