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labanotation (lah-buh-noh-TAY-shun) noun, also Labanotation

A system of notating details of a dance movement on a staff.

[After choreographer Rudolph Laban (1879-1958) who devised it.]

To see what a labanotation looks like, visit this web page.

"The full Labanotation of Gemmill's goal is also being published this summer by Finlay's Pocketbook Press, illustrated with time-lapse photographs of the dance steps." Severin Carrell, The Nutmeg Suite, Independent on Sunday (London), Mar 25, 2001.

"According to Odette Blum, who restaged the work from a Labanotation score, `Everything is very simple and very clear. Humphrey knew how to develop a theme and to build up emotional states from quiet to transcendent.'" Margaret Putnam, Dance Concert Offers a Swinging Mix of Moods, The Dallas Morning News, Nov 8, 1996.

This week's theme: eponyms, or words derived from people's names.


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