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indigent (IN-di-juhnt) adjective

Lacking necessities of life, such as food, clothing, etc.; impoverished.


A person who is extremely poor.

[From Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin indigent- (stem of indigens), present participle of indigere (to lack in), from indu (in-) + egere (to lack, to need).]

"The most indigent families can't even afford to keep their children in school because they do not have the $10 per term to pay supplemental fees." Seth Kaplan; China's Boom Leaves Many Behind; International Herald Tribune (Paris, France); Mar 26, 2004.

"The UPU president-general expressed delight at Marwa's decision to grant scholarships to indigent students in the region and said it was a welcome gesture." Okumagba Commends Marwa; This Day (Lagos, Nigeria); Apr 12, 2004.

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