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impassible (im-PAS-uh-buhl) adjective

1. Not subject to suffering or pain.

2. Unfeeling; impassive.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin impassibilis : in-, not + passibilis, passible.]

"At the sound of the gold, Aramis raised his eyes, and Porthos started; as to Athos, he remained impassible." Dumas, Alexandre, Three Musketeers: Chapter XLVIII.

Even though it can be caught by any run-of-the-mill spell-checker "definately" is perhaps one of the most commonly misspelled words around. If this trend continues maybe some day it will tiptoe its way to the dictionary as "miniscule" did: first tagged as erroneous and over time simply as a variant. On the other hand there are words that may appear as typos and trip a spell-checker even though they are genuine dictionary words. We continue from last week and feature seven such words. -Anu


Do not praise yourself / not slander others: / There are still many days to go / and any thing could happen. -Kabir

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