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hubble-bubble (HUB-buhl-BUB-buhl) noun

1. A form of hookah: a smoking device in which the smoke is passed through a bowl of water, making a bubbling noise, before being drawn through a long pipe.

2. Commotion, uproar, turmoil.

[Reduplication of the word bubble.]

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"A 32-year-old Bahraini man was engulfed in flames when his hubble-bubble pipe set his clothing ablaze." Soman Baby; Man Burned in Hubble Bubble Pipe Fire Critical; Gulf Daily News (Bahrain); Feb 26, 2004.

"Gosh, it could almost be the hubble-bubble talk of the political and business hot spots of the nation." Shelley Gare; Something Filthy About Being Rich; The Australian (Sydney); Jun 16, 2001.

This week's theme: reduplicatives.


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