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gourmet (goor-MAY, GOOR-may) noun

A connoisseur of fine food and drink.

gourmet noun attributive

Often used to modify another noun: gourmet cooking; gourmet restaurants.

[French, from Old French, alteration (influenced by gourmand, glutton. of groumet, servant, valet in charge of wines, from Middle English grom, boy, valet.]

"Sellers plays a television gourmet in search of fun, and Hawn becomes the disruptive force in his life." Cineman Syndicate, Movie Review: There's A Girl in My Soup, Cineman Syndicate, 1 Jan 1994.

This week's theme: words about people and food.


The world, we are told, was made especially for man--a presumption not supported by all the facts... Why should man value himself as more than a small part of the one great unit of creation? -John Muir, Naturalist and explorer (1838-1914)

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