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gauche (GOsh) adjective

adjective: Lacking grace; tactless; awkward.

[From French gauche (literally left-handed, awkward), from Old French, from gauchir (to turn).]

"And, no, it wasn't another gauche instance of a designer cherry-topping a banal performance with a celebrity."
Cathy Horyn; High Concept, Multiple Meanings; The New York Times; Mar 10, 2003.

"The little gesture of respect to Robson's team was not just a matter of etiquette. Newcastle may have been gauche before the interval but there is gusto about them that is hard to balk over an entire afternoon on their own pitch."
Kevin McCarra; Football: Premiership: Arsenal Keep the Chasing Pack at Bay; The Guardian (London, UK); Feb 10, 2003.

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